About Us

Welcome to Chemsgo.eu a prestigious supplier of Research Chemicals within the European Union. We are a distributor of Research Chemicals such as 1PLSD, Etizolam, 3-MMC, 6-APB, Synthacaine, Ethlyphenidate to name a few.


We have built a reputation on providing quality research chemicals at a competitive price. Our high quality research chemicals together with a fast and reliable delivery service has seen us build a relationship with individuals and institutions interested in the science, technology and medicine field, in particular, providing research chemicals to academic and established Research Institutions, for a number of years.


Our chemical products are produced from several high quality manufacturing facilities insuring a superior production with exceptional results. Our team of experts ensure that products sourced are fully certified with certification of analysis on testing with 99.8% in purity, meaning the research chemicals are the highest grade standard  for your research needs.


Chemsgo.eu endeavours to provide quality from every aspect of our business from quality of product, speed and quality of delivery to customer service. Every effort is made to ensure customers receive a quality service. This service may also involve informing you of the legality of products in your region. As part of our policy we will do our upmost to ensure you are not purchasing research chemicals that are controlled in your area. Our concern is that we do not provide you with products that can lead you into trouble. Our job is to assist your research projects without the stress or worry, so you can get on with your research without the added complications. As a part of this policy, we ask for your cooperation in that you do not ask for reserach chemicals that are knowingly banned in your region. For more information just email us your particular concern.


Our central European location allows us to deliver to all corners of our community in good time. We provide a full tracking service with a distribution system second to none. 


Whether your project is large or small we provide quality research chemicals for all types of scientific research projects. 


We look forward in assisting you with our products and services - just drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help - info@chemsgo.eu